The Project

The FutureCare Project is a joint initative between the Disability and Aged Information Service and Clarence Valley Council's Community Options Program.

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The FutureCare Project aim is to educate residents across the Clarence Valley Local Government Area on the benefits of futures planning for older parent carers with an adult child with a disability. We also provide case studies, brochures, fact sheets, links and other important information resources on the topic of futures planning.

The Statistics

In 2009 there were 60,000 parent carers living with a son or daughter with a disability who were over the age of 65 years. While the majority of sons and daughters with a disability living with their parents were under the age of 15 years, some were well into adulthood, with 12% being 35 years and older. Those with a milder disability who were living with their parents had a significantly older age profile. A consequence of this is that those with a milder disability are more likely to have an ageing parent looking after them.

Nearly one in ten father and mother carers were aged 65 years and older, and 14% of father carers and 10% of mother carers were approaching old age (55-64 years). Some parents may have had to relinquish their caring responsibility for their son or daughter with a disability due to their own old age or other reasons, such as poor health. Indeed, one-fifth to one-third of parent carers aged 65 years and older needed assistance with core activities themselves, though it is likely that a reciprocal care relationship existed between these parents and their son or daughter with a disability. 

SDAC Report 2009.

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